What We Have Done So Far

2017 - 2018

Ganges river dolphin population estimation survey was carried out in The Ganga River Stretch between UP Bihar Border -Chausa to Doriganj, Patna stretch -Doriganj to Barh, Barh to SultanGanj, Sultan Ganj to Manihari, Manihari – Rajmahal to FarakkaIn West bengal between Farakka feeder canal, Hooghly, and in two tributaries ropop Narayan and KosiIn Brahmaputra a total of 884 km was surveyed, Other than these two tributaries of Brahmaputra, Kulsi-69 km and Subhansari-93 km was surveyed.Acoustic monitoring of dolphins in response to boat noise preliminary study was carried out.At 46 points in river Brahmaputra covering about 900 km distance in order to estimate the overall water quality of river Brahmaputra at different geographical locations and through out the survey period the water quality was assessed for Brahmaputra, Ganga and HooghlyBoat based Bird SurveyAwareness activities was carried out in Assam and West Bengal

2018 - 2019

The study was carried out in two sectors for Brahmaputra with Disturbed Goalpara and Undisturbed Kaziranga National Park as a comparative study and in Hooghly Dolphin Abundance repeated survey (3 surveys) was carried out in Kaziranga and Goalpara Acoustic monitoring of dolphins in KNP, Golapra, Kulsi and Hooghly using CPODS.Study of Effect of Vessel noise on Ganges River dolphins in HooghlyStudy of the Prey-Fish and Planktons of Ganges River dolphin in KNP and GoalparaWater quality assessment in KNP, Goalpara and Parts of Ganga RiverCommunity awareness work in Assam and West Bengal

2019 - 2020

Dolphin Abundance main survey was carried out through the entire Brahmaputra,Tributaries Kulsi and SubansriPreliminary study of effect of pingers on preventing the dolphin mortality  Land based transect survey was carried out for Birds and Boat based transect survey for Turtles Water quality assessment using YSI for Brahmaputra river Community awareness work in Assam and West Bengal

2020 - 2021

Study was carried out for 60 km in Guwahati, Feeder canal -42 km and patuli Mayapur-43 km in HooghlyShort term monitoring on the effect of pingers on preventing the dolphin mortality-GuwahatiDolphin acoustic monitoring using CPOD in Guwahati, Hooghly3 repeated Dolphin abundance survey in Guwahati, HooghlyFish, plankton abundance and distribution in Guwahati and HooghlyHerpetofauna and bird Survey in Guwahati and HooghlyDolphin survey in kulsi Acoustic monitoring of Dolphin in Kulsi river