Project Dolphin - Towards conserving India’s National Aquatic Animal, the Ganges river dolphins and associated species, and restoring their habitats.

Are You interested in any of these?

Help build research

Are you a student looking to intern and learn more on the Dolphin Project or who is wanting to study the river ecosystem or one of its species for your dissertation or thesis? Reach us through the form below.

Help educate

Are you interested in conducting workshops for your students or peers from where you and spread knowledge on the importance of the river ecosystems and their species? Reach us for course kits and instruments enquiry.

Help with data collection

Are you somebody who sights wildlife regularly? Help us with our Citizen Science initiative and be a part of India’s Dolphin Conservation Network. Report sightings of live wild animals or signs of these animals of the river ecosystem – dolphins, fish, turtles, birds, reptiles and many more. Report species and quantity of fish from the fish markets you visit. Report instances of poaching, mortalities or new born sightings. Download the app right now. Access the data collection guide to help you through this process.

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